libfreenect2  0.2
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCpuPacketPipelinePipeline with CPU depth processing
 CFrameFrame format and metadata
 CFrameListenerCallback interface to receive new frames
 CFreenect2Library context to find and open devices
 CFreenect2DeviceDevice control
 CColorCameraParamsColor camera calibration parameters
 CConfigConfiguration of depth processing
 CIrCameraParamsIR camera intrinsic calibration parameters
 CLoggerProvide interfaces to receive log messages
 COpenCLPacketPipelinePipeline with OpenCL depth processing
 COpenGLPacketPipelinePipeline with OpenGL depth processing
 CPacketPipelineBase class for other pipeline classes
 CRegistrationCombine frames of depth and color camera
 CSyncMultiFrameListenerCollect multiple types of frames